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  • A Teacher's Lesson Ch.8

    Noni “Hitchu wit no delaying, so what you sayin’ yo. Silly wit my nine milly, what’s the dealio?” Busta Rhymes blared through the speaker as we flew down I-95. Nobody had said a word since we left the vacation home. Well, nobody except Ayo. She was in the back having her own mini concert. I rolled my eyes and sent up a prayer for Conner. Looking up into the clear night sky, I thought about everything that had occurred tonight. Looking over at Alex, I saw him deep in thought- one hand on the wheel and the other rubbing his temple. Whatever is going on sure is stressing him out. I was still mad at him for keeping secrets but as his wife I still wanted to be his comfort- to be his person. Because being his comfort helped me destress. I signaled for Alex to give me his hand. He switched his driving hand and reached over to place the other on my thigh. I shifted in my seat to get comfortable and laid my head on his forearm, clutching his lower arm like a pillow. I could feel the stress in both of our bodies subdue and our pulses calmly began to beat on the same rhythm. “Alex! ALEX!”, Ayo screamed from the back seat. “What? What happened?”, I looked around in confusion. I must have fallen asleep. “Nothing”, Alex said. “My bad. Must have dozed off.” “Ay man. You need to get some coffee or something?” Ayo asked, serious as a heart attack. “I don’t think God calling us home just, yet” “Bae? You need me to drive?” I said giggling. “Nah. I’m good,” Alex said shyly smiling. “Just need to pull over for a second”. We drove a few more miles before pulling into a Wawa. We all hopped out and stretched our legs. Alex started pumping gas, slid me the card and Ayo and I walked towards the store. “Oh shit, girl,” Ayo said. “I forgot my mask. Go ahead.” I walked into the store as Ayo went back to get her mask. Thankfully, it wasn’t that packed. I started ordering food from the kiosk and headed for the bathroom. Ayo walked back in just in time for the “girls trip” to the bathroom. “Whew girl. Glad we stopped. I had to pee anyway”, Ayo said walking in the stall. “You good though?” “Girl, I don’t know. Just so much is happening at one time.” I said. “You know how I am. When I can’t find a solution for things, it starts to bother me more. Alex has been leaving me in the dark and Conner’s situation has gone from shitty to shittier” I cried. “Aww girl. Come here”, Ayo said, hugging me. “Well, I don’t know how to tell you this, but” “But what?”, I asked Ayo irritatedly. “I didn’t wash my hands, yet,” she said, releasing me. Ayo and I just stared at each other for a moment before bursting into laughter. Why everything gotta be a joke to her? Walking out the bathroom we headed to the register to pay for our items. I hope the food is ready. I’m starving. We gathered our purchases and started walking back to the car. I didn’t see Alex at the pump anymore and figured he must have gone to the bathroom right when we were coming out. As we got in the car, I saw the keys in the ignition and Alex’s phone and a note in the driver’s seat. Dear Noni, I don’t really know how to tell you this, but I’ve gotten into some trouble. There isn’t enough time to explain right now but I have to go ghost. It’s the only way to keep you safe. I don’t know when you will see me again, but hopefully it will be soon. I just have to take care of something. Love, Alex

  • A Teacher's Lesson Ch.7

    Noni “Noni! Girl, what’s wrong with you? I know you ain’t ignoring me. Hello!! Earth to Noni!” My thoughts about Alex were interrupted by Ayo. I was trying to figure out what Alex had going on and who he was talking to. “My bad girl. Just a lot on my mind”, I told Ayo. “Wanna take some shots?” “Shiiiiid. You ain’t said nothin but a word.” Ayo said, laughing. One thing about my girl, she was always ready to party. We skipped the bar line this time and asked the bartender to pour us two shots each. We stood at the bar taking shots and dancing to the tunes. His set must be ending because he started playing line dances back to back. After a few minutes, Alex came up behind me, kissed me on the cheek and asked for a dance. He pulled me to the dance floor and I guess that was the DJ’s signal to slow it down. Can We Talk by Tevin Campbell played and Alex led us into a soft sway. I put my head on his shoulder and just vibed out. Truth be told, I wasn’t in the mood to even be around him right now. He’s not lying to me but he is omitting information and that’s one and the same in my eyes. “You okay?” Alex whispered in my ear. “Yeah. Just a lot on my mind”, I whispered back. I wasn’t sure if I should address it now or not so I just kept dancing. The DJ continued playing singalongs and people started saying their goodbyes. “Babe, you ready to go? I just wanna lay down”, I told Alex. He said that he was ready and for me and Ayo to go ahead to the car. He said that he had to pay the vendors and he would be out in a moment. When we got to the car, I instantly took those heels off. Wearing them was definitely not the norm for me and my feet were sore! Ayo started talking a mile a minute about all the drama she was having with her boyfriend, and I half listened while I checked the notifications on my phone. I had 20 missed calls and 15 messages. They were from Conner! “Omg! Ayo! Remember that student I was telling you about? Conner?” I damn near screamed to Ayo. “Girl, stop yelling. Yes, I remember. What happened?”, Ayo said. “I don’t know. He texted me and said he’s in the hospital.” I said in a panic. “That he got jumped by some boys on Georgia Ave” “Oh hell no! Let me go get Alex!”, Ayo said. She hopped out the car and ran inside the building. I texted Conner back and asked him which hospital and the room number. A few moments later, Ayo came back to the car. “Alex said go to the house and pack y’all stuff. Y’all going back to DC tonight.” Ayo said. “What about you, best?” I asked Ayo. I didn’t want her to leave but I didn’t know what she had going on. “Girl, you know I’m riding. Them people can wait.” Ayo said. That’s what I loved about my friend. She was on whatever I was on. “I’ll just fly out from BWI Tuesday.” The driver pulled off and took us to the house. When we pulled up, the front door was wide open. Omg. What now?! I texted Alex that somebody had been in the house and the driver volunteered to go take a look for us. Ayo and I said a quick prayer for Conner and I told her what I’d overheard Alex talking about during the party. Eventually, the driver came back and said that it didn’t look like anybody was in the house but that it was pretty trashed. He asked if I wanted him to call the cops and I declined. I didn’t know what kind of trouble Alex was in and based on the secrets he was keeping, who knew how deep this went. I asked the driver if he could stay outside until Alex came. Ayo and I cautiously went in the house and started packing me and Alex’s things. “Noni? What’s really going on? Are you okay?” Ayo asked me with concern. “I don’t know, A. It’s so much going on.” I told her crying. “Right now, I just want to go see Conner. This shit with Alex and this house and all the sneaky shit he been doing, I said shaking my head, can be handled later. “You know I’m here for you, Noni” Ayo said hugging me. “Til the wheels fall off”. Conner “Conner. Conner! Conner!!”, Tamia said in a heightened whisper., shaking me. “Yeah, yeah. I’m awake.” I said. I couldn’t believe shorty was here. Damn. She bold. “I can’t stay long. I just came to tell you that it wasn’t my fault.” Tamia said in a hurry. “They made me go out with you but they told me they were just going to rob you. Not… beat you up like that”. “Look, Tamia. I don’t really give a fuck bout none of that shit.” I said in a muffle. I could barely move my jaw to talk. “How could you?” “Conner, I know.”, Tamia said, interrupting me. “I don’t have a lot of time. I overheard my brother on the phone. They are trying to kill you. Your father is trying to kill you, Conner!” I sat up straight in the bed. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. This motherfucka crazy. “Come again”, I told Tamia. “Nah, shorty. Ain’t no way. You deadass?” “Yes. I gotta go now though”, Tamia said, kissing my forehead. “Imma text you when I can.” I started processing what Tamia had told me. I knew me and my father weren’t on the best of terms but why would he set me up and then try to kill me. Too much of a coward to take his ass whooping like a man. I looked at my phone and saw that Mrs. Peters was on her way back. Just as I was texting her back, my mother walks in. “Omg. Conner. Are you ok?”, my mom said. “What happened?” “Like you don’t know. Why the fuck are you here?” I asked her rubbing my jaw. “What you mean? You’re my son. Why wouldn’t I be here?” my mom asked with tears running down her face. “My father is trying to kill me. He had me set up. Your husband.”, I told my mom with tears running down my cheeks. “You mean to tell me you have no idea” “Conner! Of course not”, my mom said trying to console me. “And how do you know this?” “A shorty I been seeing. Tamia”, I said. “They used her to set me up.” “Tamia?”, my mom said curiously. She got up from the end of the bed and started pacing. “I gotta go. I’ll be back.” Just as she was getting ready to leave, my doctor came into the room. “Oh, Mrs. Mathews. Glad you’re here” my doctor said. “Bad news is that Conner needs a kidney” “Hold up, Doc. I need a what?” I said, in disbelief. My mom was just pacing back and forth. “You need a kidney. It was ruined in the fight” my doctor said. “You’re going to need a donor” “Mom!” I yelled, bringing her back out of her thoughts. “Did you hear the doctor? I need a kidney” “Yes, Conner. I heard him” my mom said. “I can’t do it though.” “And why is that?” I asked. My mom, still pacing back and forth, said nothing. The doctor and I looked at each other and then back at her, waiting for her answer. She stopped and looked at me with tears in her eyes. “I’m pregnant, Conner.” my mom said. I had forgotten all about that.”But I know who can. Tamia” “Wait, what? How would Tamia be able to give me a kidney?” I was so confused. How would she be a match. It’s not making sense. “She’s your sister.” my mom said. I couldn’t say anything. My chest started pounding and my head began to hurt. “He’s coding!” my doctor yelled. “We need a crash cart in here!”

  • A Teacher's Lesson Ch.6

    Noni “Noni”, Alex whispered. “Noni. Wake up.” “Yeah. Yeah. What’s up?”, I asked, stretching “How long I been sleep?” “Awhile,” Alex said. “C'mon. We have somewhere to be. You gotta get dressed.” I realized that the sun was setting. I wasn’t sure where we were going, but I dressed casually-cute with a little black pump, distressed jeans, white top and yellow blazer. I did a slight beat on my face with a red lip. “Noni! Ready?!”, Alex called from downstairs. “I’m coming!”, I yelled back. Damn. He acts like being late sometimes is a crime. I went downstairs and followed Alex out of the house. There was a driver waiting for us. We rode in silence for a while before I asked him where we were going. He ignored me. Ok, sir. You’re taking this whole silent treatment thing to a whole other level. We pulled up to what looked like an old abandoned building. Not going to lie. I was starting to get scared. I know he was irritated earlier but he would never try to kill me? The car came to a halt and Alex got out on his side. He came around, opened my door and extended his hand. I hesitantly took his hand and followed him to the entrance of the building. “SURPRISE!” I heard as Alex opened the door. I jumped back, eyes big and my hand covering my mouth. I looked around the room, trying to make sense of what was happening. It was beautifully decorated like a speakeasy but a little classier. I saw my family and friends cheering and recording. “What’s going on?”, I asked Alex. I didn’t understand what was being celebrated. We were already married so I knew it couldn’t be a proposal and it wasn’t either of our birthdays. “It’s to celebrate you babe. Our own Teacher of the Year. That’s a huge accomplishment!”, Alex said, taking my hand. He led me to greet everyone and then to sit at our table. “Noni! I’m so proud of you baby girl”, my mom said, sitting next to me. She went on to tell me about how she dreamed of me getting to this point and reminisced about my childhood. I started drifting off. No disrespect to mommy, but she was telling me stuff that she had told me a thousand times before. But who was I to stop her? As she hugged me, Alex stood up. Clink! Clink! The room fell silent at the universal sound of a toast being made. “Thank you all for being here tonight to celebrate my beautiful wife, Noni. She has reached a huge milestone in her career and I’m sure she has made everyone here proud. I’ve seen her stressing over lesson plans, PBLs, whatever that means, and a dozen other issues that come with being a teacher. But, just like the warrior she is, she never let those problems stop her from fighting for her students” Alex said. He looked at me and smiled. “So tonight, we celebrate her. Let’s eat some good food, dance and drink up!” DJ 3two1 started playing some hits while some headed for the food, others to the bar and I made a beeline to the dance floor. Oooooo! This my jam! Go head, DJ! I danced to about 4 songs and realized Alex was missing. I shrugged my shoulders and started walking to the buffet. There was so much food, I didn’t know where to start. I just got a little bit of everything to taste, so that I could decide what I wanted seconds of. I sat down to eat and looked around the room. So many family members from both sides and friends were enjoying each other’s company and just having a great time. One thing about my people, we know how to party! “Guess who?” someone asked, covering my eyes. I turned around and saw that it was my best friend from New York! I screamed and embraced her with a hug! I couldn’t believe she was here! I hadn’t seen her since my wedding 4 years ago. “Omg! Ayo! What are you doing here?!” I exclaimed. I missed my girl so much! We always FaceTime and text but seeing her in person was needed. “Girl, now you know I wasn’t going to miss this! Ayo said. “I’m so proud of you! Ayo was a free-spirited lady. She was private and didn’t spend much time on social media but she was definitely doing her thing as a pediatrician. How many black female pediatricians do you know? I’ll wait. We chopped it up for a few while we ate and danced to a few tunes. We stopped our little twerkfest and went to the bar for drinks. “Where’s Alex?” Ayo asked. I actually had forgotten that he was missing. I was having such a good time catching up with everyone that I didn’t notice that he had never come back. “Actually, I don’t know. He disappeared after the toast. I’ll be back though. Gotta pee” I left Ayo in the bar line and went to the bathroom. I was going to go look for Alex, but I’d broken the seal earlier so the bathroom was more of a priority at this time. If you know, you know. As I came out of the bathroom, I heard some people engaged in a heated discussion down the hall. I walked on my tippy toes towards the voices, trying not to make too much noise. There was a room that was dimly lit, with the door cracked. I peeped inside and saw Alex’s back towards me. I couldn’t see who he was talking to, just a shadow. “Look man. You gotta trust me. I’ll get your money, but it’s going to take time. The house is going to bring in enough profit for us to both get paid” Alex said. “Nigga, it better. Because if it doesn’t, there’s going to be hell to pay”, the man said. “Noni! Girl, what the hell you doing?!”, Ayo yelled, by the bathroom. I quickly turned around and jotted down the hall. I grabbed Ayo’s hand and pulled her back into the main room of the venue. I didn’t want to get caught snooping and I didn’t really want to tell Ayo what I’d heard. What the fuck does Alex have going on? And why was he keeping it a secret? I thought we were partners. Conner I’d finally made it to Sankofa and luckily there weren't many people there. I found a table towards the nearest bookshelf and waited for Tamia. I messaged her to let her know I was there and scrolled on IG. Shortly after, Tamia came in. She was even more beautiful in person. “Hey Tamia” I said. She spoke back and went in for a hug. I didn’t know we were there but I guess she knew that I needed some comfort. “I grabbed a table over here. You want some food and drink?” “Yeah, I guess I could eat. I’ve never been here so I’ll get what you’re getting” Tamia said shyly. I ordered two pineapple kale smoothies with extra ginger and Turkey melts on coco bread with side salads. We walked over to where I was sitting earlier and waited for our food. “So, what’s up with you? How was your day” I asked. “It was cool. Had practice earlier so I’m kind of tired, she said. “Well, I appreciate you meeting me here despite having a long day”, I said. I wanted her to know how much it meant to me for her to come out and chill. Time is more valuable than people know. “Yeah. No problem. I could tell something was bothering you. And from looking at your face, you must’ve gotten into some kind of fight or something”, she said. “You good?” “Yeah. I’m straight. It’s better if you didn’t know to be honest. Family stuff”, I said. I didn’t really want her to worry about me. “I mean, I understand if you don’t want to talk about it. I deal with family stuff as well”, she said, drinking her smoothie. Tamia and I ate our food and talked more about school and what we wanted to do in the future. She mentioned that she dreamed of being a choreographer for Missy Elliott and to eventually find her mother. We finished eating and looked around for a book to get. I decided to get The Souls of Black Folks by W.E.B. Du Bois and Tamia decided to get Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston. Yeah, she’s definitely not the average girl. We started walking back to the station and began walking past a group of guys on the corner. I didn’t think anything of it because I could easily hold my own if they’d tried anything. But Tamia started giving off nervous energy, so I put my arm around her waist to let her know that it was going to be alright. “It’s all good, love. Just keep walking. I gotchu.”, I told Tamia. “Ayo yo ma?!”, one of the dudes called out. I told Tamia just to keep walking, it wasn’t worth it in my opinion. “Oh, you can’t speak? Ion give a fuck bout ya nigga” he said. At this point, it was getting disrespectful but I didn’t want to show shorty that side of me, so I kept walking. Bop! The same dude hit me with my back turned and the next thing I know, I was fighting 5 dudes. “Y’all stop! Leave him alone!”, I could hear Tamia screaming out. I was holding my own, but I couldn’t compete with all of them jumping on me. I was pulled to the ground and all I could do was cover my head and crawl up into a ball. Kick after kick and punch after punch. Sharp pains and blood everywhere, I just laid on my side, lifeless. They stopped and barely opening my eyes, I faintly saw them regrouping. The same dude was on the phone and I heard him say it was handled. Tf is that supposed to mean. “Tamia! C'mon let’s go.”, one of the other dudes said. He took Tamia by the hand and started walking off. She looked back at me with tears in her eyes and I started to shed some of my own. How could she set me up like this? And who was dude talking to? I wanted to get up and go after them, but I couldn’t move.

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